About Us

Great Lakes Seed (GLS) is an ethanol solvent-based hemp extraction company.  Our business entails extracting a wide range of cannabinoids from industrial Hemp as covered in the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Our team is led by 4 partners who have extensive professional experience including:

23+ years of ethanol extraction experience adhering to food regulations (SQF) and safety standards (OSHA)

15+ years of inside/outside sales, omni-channel retail, and market strategy experience including the ownership of a CBD sales brand

is excited to revive the property at 6820 Monroe Blvd. Our goal is to purchase the building, clear out and renovate the interior, improve parking, and regrade areas of the property including the parking lot and easements to assure proper drainage.

GLS will partner with USA Labs out of Livonia, MI to provide our extraction equipment.  This partnership ensures that our equipment will meet all applicable safety standards.  In addition, we have agreed to partner with USA Labs for ongoing employee safety training and continuing education ensuring that GLS remains compliant moving forward. 

Once our new and exciting business is fully operational we plan to expand  to a 24/7 day a week operation bringing additional employment opportunities to the city. Our 3-year business plan includes expanding our product lines which will again bring jobs to the community.

The GLS extraction process uses food grade solvents to extract oils from plant biomass.  Our plans do not include using high pressure CO2 tanks in our process as they pose a greater safety risk.  Our business model is fully compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill and supports Michigan Farmers.

We are not currently seeking a marijuana processor license.  We have had ongoing discussions with the Michigan Departments of Agriculture confirming our sound approach to the opening of our oil extraction facility

Our E.P.I.C. approach to hemp extraction


Our guiding principles are to be fair, honest, and transparent in all that we do to ensure that our partners have the greatest opportunity for long-term success.


Our commitment to People, Planning, and Process ensures a professional experience from project implementation to completion.


We are committed to seeking positive change and embracing risk within the hemp industry to create cutting-edge market opportunities.


We are interested in developing lasting partnerships based on mutual trust, accountability, and respect.